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Health Care Interoperability Solution

Supporting economic growth by solving data interoperability.

ETT | iByond - Intelligent Interoperability Platform (IPaaS)

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ETT Powered Industry Platforms

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BiodatAi is an Intelligent Interoperability Platform that scales the Ecosystem of Healthcare.  BiodatAi provides healthcare clients with the highest security rated healthcare Platform to enable rapid spin up of new analytical tools or capabilities, make use of multiple database structures, adhere to FHIR architecture standards, and share data through 1600+ complex API's, and advanced software tools built into the common shared system core.

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Universal Tutor is the first of its kind Gamified and Game-Based Educational ecosystem for students, teachers and parents. The platform delivers CASEL standardized Social & Emotional Learning curriculum and Mental Health support. Universal Tutor utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary 3D Conversational Avatars to personalize student learning, helping them reach their highest potential.

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LandLogics is a real estate technology platform utilizing federated data, blockchain, IoT, GeoSpatial, AI, and predictive analytics to develop and leapfrog the real estate infrastructure and economies for sovereign nations

Connecting global supply chain applications, ERP, accounting, procurement, and logistics systems through common services, lexicon data, blockchain, and machine learning technology tools to optimize , secure and create significant efficiencies in your supply chain to achieve greater business results.   The ETT platform will immediately reduce administrative work,  Lower costs of data management, and improve business partner relationships.

  • Aviation Supply Chain - ETT's PaaS makes it significantly easier to connect , maintain and upgrade vendor and supplier applications in for logistics, acquisition, inventory, services and maintenance, returns, repairs, and perhaps be the glue between other platforms such as Sabre and ServiceNow, ETT's PaaS is just more intelligent.  


  • AIOT - Ai + IoT Hospitality - Connecting reservations, administration, management and customer support systems, along with the latest in AI IoT real-time data for predictive maintenance and enhanced guest experience.   Transforming the hospitality industry by profoundly altering how hotels, resorts, and other service businesses gather data, interface with users, enhance safety and automate processes. 

Smart Cities

For 20 years thousands of IoT platforms and Hundreds of Thousands of sensor types have been developed and deployed, promoting sustainable development practices address growing urbanization challenges including public safety, and resources.
ETT provides the only platform to connect the IoT data in real time for the hundreds of applications that need it.


The ETT platform provides the efficiency, reduced costs, and improve planning capabilities of a Real-time transportation visibility (RTTV) platform, and adds a common core of data management , security, and AI IoT systems.   Using the ETT platform Reduces downtime, penalties, recalls, Increased agility, greater resilience, and Automated continuous improvement.

Renewable Energy

ETT’s Intelligent Interoperability Platform ties together Internet of Things, Sensors, and micro and mini grids to optimize from many sources “Point of Use Generation” and to meet requirements for complying with ESG goals and objectives.

  • Carbon Credits - Carbon credit markets can be made more efficient and transparent through an interoperability platform, which could accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigate climate change impacts.

Our PaaS Intelligent Ecosystem's Solves:

  • Data Fragmentation and Complexity 

  • Lack of Real-time Visibility

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Inefficient Energy Utilization

  • Safety Risks and Compliance Issues

  • Inefficient Processes and Workflows

  • Lack of Scalability and Adaptability

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The ETT intelligent interoperability platform works with your existing environment on premise or in the cloud.  Effective with a single application or hundreds, the ETT platform will work in parallel or as a layer to your existing environment and will provide immediate common shared services and data.

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