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Leadership Team


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Chief Technology Officer

David Smith is a technologist and one of the foremost systems architects in the world.  Mr. Smith was named 1 of 7 top global futurists in the Millennium issue of BusinessWeek and has held numerous executive roles in Healthcare, R&D Education, Government, Commercial and Academia.  He is the namesake behind ETT’s platform of platforms.

As Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Smith oversees executive  responsibilities for all technology development and deployment for ETT.  Mr. Smith was a principal of In-Q-Tel while with the CIA, wrote the grand challenges for NGA and directed the Tech Futures Program at the NSA.  He also led the first semi-conductor roadmap and designed the world’s first quantum computing and biological roadmaps as well as Bio-Crossroads for the State of Indiana. 

Mr. Smith has given more than 2,000 keynote speeches on technology and speaks weekly as a panelist for the World Talent Economic Forum.  In addition to several boards, he sat on the committee that recommissioned all US Federal Labs and is a Fellow at several Universities including IC2 at the University of Texas, FGV in Brazil, SPDS and many other progressional organizations.

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