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Leadership Team


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Smith is a Technologist and has held many Executive roles in Healthcare, R&D, Education, Government, Commercial, and Academia.  Mr. Smith has been Named 1 of 7 top global futurists in the Millennium issue of BusinessWeek.  Mr. Smith was a principal designer of In-Q-Tel at the CIA, wrote the grand challenges for NGA and directed Tech Futures program at NSA. Mr. Smith was an Executive at MCC & SEMATECH.  Mr. Smith has been a Founder, CEO of several companies, and has been an Advisor and Board Member for multiple business organizations. Mr. Smith led the first Semi-Conductor Roadmap,  and has designed the world’s first Quantum Computing and Biological Roadmaps. Mr. Smith has been a keynote for over 2,000 Technology speeches, and speaks weekly as a Panelist for the World Talent Economic Forum. Mr. Smith designed Bio-Crossroads for the State of Indiana, and was on the committee that recommissioned all the USA Federal Labs.  Mr. Smith is a Fellow at several Universities including IC2 at the University of Texas, FGV in Brazil, and in professional organizations such as SPDS.

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