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Charles Cella


Managing Director and Co-Founder Charles Cella leads the Innovation team at Strong Force®. A strategist and inventor, with an academic background in physics, public policy, economics, and technology and experience across wide-ranging domains, he pioneered the Strong Force® combinatorial matrix methodology. Charles served as a visionary architect and key inventor on multiple category leading IP portfolios, including ones that have enabled large exits and monetization programs in the networked lighting, enterprise software, AR/VR, wireless power, and wearables industries, among others. As an entrepreneur and advisor in the venture capital ecosystem, Charles has co-founded several companies, including one of the first crowdsourcing companies, and has advised hundreds of others. His relationships with inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in the technology markets help our Innovation team find creative talent and drive innovation, often connecting previously isolated domains to enable a new category or disrupt an existing one.

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