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Aviation Supply Chain

ETT powered Platform Solution for the Aviation industry

Image by Kenny Eliason

Problem in Aviation Supply Chain Interoperability


Airlines can leverage the power of data to swiftly adapt to competitors and dynamic market conditions. However, the task of effectively managing and analyzing their enormous data sets is a common challenge they face.


ETT is Your Solution 


In order to thrive, airlines require cutting-edge tools to streamline their data and extract valuable insights that can drive growth and generate value.


ETT's platform seamlessly integrates and enhances disparate data sets from a range of internal and external sources in real-time, providing the foundation for critical business applications. By detecting triggers, contextualizing information and taking appropriate action, it enables airlines to gain deeper visibility into their data, leading to valuable insights and sustained business success.


ETT's PaaS makes it significantly easier to connect , maintain and upgrade vendor and supplier applications in for logistics, acquisition, inventory, services and maintenance, returns, repairs, and perhaps be the glue between other platforms such as Sabre and ServiceNow, ETT's PaaS is just more robust.

ETT's Empowering Capabilities

Our PaaS Intelligent
Ecosystem's Solves:

  • Predictive maintenance feature using IoT devices such as public health and air quality testing, and Blue Tooth asset tags instead of RFID

  • Centralized, multi-database functionality for time-series data

  • Complex APIs for two-way application control

  • HiTrust-level security

  • Supply chain and custody chain support for traceability

  • Service and repair functionality

Avionics Engineering
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