About Us

Accelerator and Integrator of innovative technologies united in the mission of economic transformation and corporate performance.

Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) represents a new corporate archetype: a data-centric, multi-disciplined, multi-faceted investment, and operations company driven by the mandates of economic development, corporate performance, and sustainable value. ETT has harnessed a portfolio of sector-disruptive companies that incorporate the value of collaborative innovation that is built to serve turn-key large-scale solutions to sovereigns and multinational companies as a single one-stop partner.


The ETT approach to creating value focuses on unlocking potential collaborative synergies that pioneer radical new ideas that others cannot see.

The ETT advantage is gained through a disciplined, acquisition focus on companies that provide mission-critical technology-enabled solutions and offer opportunities for growth and improvement in their operations. We collaborate with transcendent management teams across our companies and make use of our devoted team of operational experts to create enduring value through the implementation of best practices and rapid performance improvement


ETT is changing the digital paradigm on how business solutions are delivered, from single technology stand-alone problem solving, to multifaceted technology solutions. Our strategy drives job creation, increases GDP and helps build a knowledge economy for sovereign nations; and delivers on proprietary technology and service solutions for corporations.